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CAASC Coaches Association

Holding the title of “coach” means much more than teaching the X’s and O’s of the game, it is an opportunity and responsibility that can influence a young person for life.


Phil Tockman

That is why the CAASC takes coaching serious. Many times coaches have the chance to impact a student’s life in a major way so it is very important how we approach it. Being a role model and mentor, helping shape positive life values and choices are all involved with an important part of interscholastic athletic. Being that The CAASC is indeed a association for schools of choice and require our teachers to have the opportunity for professional development we will now be extending that very same opportunity to our coaches. We will do this through our Coaches Association. We will host annual clinics for our coaches to participate in. Our coaches will be able to take advantage of the knowledge of experienced coaches from the high school and collegiate level.

The CAASC Coaches Association will select the CAASC All-State/All-Star teams, All-Conference teams, other Conference and CAASC awards such as, Player of the Year, Coach of the Year, Player of the Month, and Coach of the Month and so on for their respective sports. The team’s Head Coach MUST be a member of the CAASC-Coaches Association to nominate players. Athletic Directors are members of the CAASC-CA and can only vote and nominate for the sports that they actually coach. This will also provide networking opportunities for our coaches. Being a member of our Coaches Association will have its’ benefits. So on behalf of the Executive Board we welcome you to the CAASC Coaches Association.​

Warm Regards,

Phil Tockman
CAASC Coaches Association President

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