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Join the CAASC
Membership Application

Below are the steps to becoming a member of The CAASC

Contact The CAASC office to inform the association of your interest in joining.

Download the CAASC Membership Application and submit it to the CAASC Office.

Once the application has be received your Athletic Director and Administrator will be given a date to present your school to The CAASC Executive Board.

Your school's presentation to The CAASC Executive Board is mandatory. At this meeting your Athletic Director will be given the expectations of a CAASC Athletic Director and the policies and procedures. Your Administrator will be given the same.

After the meeting your school will be voted on by the Executive Board. If granted membership your school will then be placed in a CAASC Member Conference.

Begin to enjoy the rights and privlages of membership in The CAASC!


Board Members



Get In Touch

Location: 2300 W Meadowview St, #206,
Greensboro, NC 27407

Telephone: 662-50-CAASC (662-502-2272)

Email For Officials: